Saturday, May 17, 2014

Taming Uneven Stitches in Round

As reported in the last post, it was my fourth start that was successful and it went well until I began knitting fingers.  Those small tiny circumferences are tricky.  I ended up knitting too tight or too loose, requiring unknitting and knitting here and there.  I may have knitted 10 fingers or more to get them right.  I need to check my knitting regularly it seems.  

I also noticed, depending on the thickness of the yarns which is not consistent, my stitch size varied.  What can I say.  I would love to find a wool/silk blend lace weight yarns for the next pair of gloves.  Any suggestions?  

With Lisa’s advice, I decided to place the little finger a bit lower than the other three fingers.  I slipped stitches for the little finger onto safety pin 7 rounds before starting the other fingers (on the fifth round of the fifth pattern repeat): Knit 11 stitches and transfer them to a safety pin, continue knitting 68 stitches, and transfer the remaining 9 stitches to a safety pin.  To complete the round, cast on 9 stitches for a gusset and join.

The rest of the glove was knitted per instruction, except the number of rows in checkerboard pattern at the tip of the middle finger: I knit 1 row only instead of 3.

  1. At the start of each finger, two dark colored stitches are picked up at the beginning of the round.  Pick them up and knit by inserting a needle into stitches.  When inserted between stitches, a hole was visible.
  2. Hold the right needles below the needle with stitches just finished.  It is easier to control tension when held in this manner.
  3. On last two rows at finger tips:

    • Distribute stitches so that all three needles have the same stitch count and the stitch pattern:  BWBWBWBWBWB. 
    • Next round: ssk in B, ssk in W, k2tog in B, W, ssk in B, k2tog in B: Choose ssk and k2tog so that the stitch on top has different color from the stitch to be knitted.  
    • Last round: ssk in B, ssk in W, k2tog in B. 

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