Monday, May 05, 2014

Next Projects

Over the last weekend, I finished Bailey’s Irish Cream by Thea Colman.  What I like about this cardigan are: the front bands where she uses rolled edges very effectively; the lace pattern which is not over-the-top; and raglan sleeves.  I used luscious cashmere blend Lana Gatto VIP in beige tone.  I hope it does not pill too much.  This is such a cute cardigan and I may knit another one.  If I were to use a yarn with similar weight, i.e. sport weight, I would widen the sleeves or knit one size up in 42”, and knit the bottom facing with smaller needles.   

So what is on my needles now?  None at the moment, but I am having two projects swatched: Gemini pullover from Knitty 2012 with a wool/linen blend, Lienen Los from Schoppel-Wolle; and Duke Sanquhar gloves by Scottish Women’s Rural Institute. 

The yarn for Gemini was purchased from Gather Here in Cambridge where a store sample of Gemini with the same yarn was displayed.  I will make the sleeves longer. 

Duke gloves have been on my to-knit list for ever.  I purchased the pattern years ago through KBTH.  When the latest issue of Knitting Traditions (Spring 2014) featured Sanquhar gloves, I shared the magazine with my Knitsmith members.  One of the members, Lisa, who has knitted several gorgeous gloves in the past, asked me if I want to knit a pair with her.  Of course, I agreed.  Her experience in glove knitting will be very helpful to me.  As some of you may be wondering why someone who struggle with small circumferences would knit gloves, it will be a challenge for me for sure.  With such small needles, 000 or 0000 (they are 1.5 mm or 1.25 mm), and thin yarns on gauge 12 stitches per inch, I am hoping the result would be somehow different and my stitches will not be as wonky as in larger needles.  We shall see.  I am currently swatching in order to get used to the needles and the stitch tension.

Since the cast-on edge is curling, I am still tinkering with swatches....

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