Saturday, January 09, 2010

Silk Vintage Dress

Something I made back in 2005 with Vintage Vogue 2401 pattern using red and black cross-woven silk dupioni.

With collar up.

Vintage Vogue 2401 is a reproduction from 1952.  I have serveral of Vintage Vogue, but this one was the first re-production I tried.  I love its vintage style with a modern flair.  One thing I did not expect is that there is no zipper on this dress. How do you put it on? The skirt has two sections with each section attached to front or back bodice. The sides of the back bodice extend forward and tied in front, while the sides of the front bodice have belting pieces attached with hook or eye. As a consequence, one might experience embarrassing moments when a wind blows your skirt pieces apart.

So as not to be concerned about this potential mishap, a piece of seam binding tape was attached to connect the front skirt edge and the corresponding side seam of the back skirt on the right. On the left, the same tape was attached to the left side seam of the back skirt, but snapped on to the left front skirt edge.

Front skirt with seam tapes sewn at sides.


Left side

I'd love to make another one from this pattern with one modification: add a zipper in the back to allow easier dressing, one of those inserted in the middle center back, a few inches below the collar.  As is, it is quite a struggle to put it on and off.  Of course, loosing some pounds would be a great help. 

Dava asked about the shoes I am wearing.  Here is a close up of them.  They are dark red patent leather high heels with silver buckles by Aerosol from several years back.  Perfect for the vintage dress. 

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here is something I finished last year after a long hibernation.

I love the colors and the wavy stitch pattern in stripes: waves, stripes and vivid colors are my weakness.

The idea came to me in early 2004 and by the summer of the same year, I had the sweater knitted up, took some photos, then … , the garment was packed away. I was meaning to save the project which turned out to be too large on me. I meant to do so for five years. Until last November, in an attempt to bring myself back to sewing, I decided that I do this fixing first. I undid almost all the seams except those on shoulders. Instead of cutting off the knitted fabric, I opted to sew with a wider seam allowances as this is a very soft and light fabric.

Love the bell-shaped sleeves.

Why didn’t I fix this thing earlier? I did not know this actually, but it was to have something lovely for the New Year!

Sheila asked about the yarn I used. They are the following in the order of knitting from the bottom hem:
1 - DS(Douceur et Soie) 19 (dark purplish red),
2 - KH(Kidsilk Haze) 600 (dewberry, mauve),
3 - Kids Seta (light blue),
4 - DS 2 (ivory),
5 - DS 20 (blue),
6 - KH 604 (light brown),
7 - KH 595 (dark red),
8 - KH 603 (white), and
9 - Kids Seta (chocolate brown).
Yarns were doubled through out.