Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here is something I finished last year after a long hibernation.

I love the colors and the wavy stitch pattern in stripes: waves, stripes and vivid colors are my weakness.

The idea came to me in early 2004 and by the summer of the same year, I had the sweater knitted up, took some photos, then … , the garment was packed away. I was meaning to save the project which turned out to be too large on me. I meant to do so for five years. Until last November, in an attempt to bring myself back to sewing, I decided that I do this fixing first. I undid almost all the seams except those on shoulders. Instead of cutting off the knitted fabric, I opted to sew with a wider seam allowances as this is a very soft and light fabric.

Love the bell-shaped sleeves.

Why didn’t I fix this thing earlier? I did not know this actually, but it was to have something lovely for the New Year!

Sheila asked about the yarn I used. They are the following in the order of knitting from the bottom hem:
1 - DS(Douceur et Soie) 19 (dark purplish red),
2 - KH(Kidsilk Haze) 600 (dewberry, mauve),
3 - Kids Seta (light blue),
4 - DS 2 (ivory),
5 - DS 20 (blue),
6 - KH 604 (light brown),
7 - KH 595 (dark red),
8 - KH 603 (white), and
9 - Kids Seta (chocolate brown).
Yarns were doubled through out.


  1. It looks amazing on you! Great colors and love those sleeves...

  2. Gorgeous!! What yarn did you use?