Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunny Vests

Something very unusual happened during the summer. DH picked up one of my knitting booklets, Sublime #610, and actually said he liked Varsity Stripe Vest. This is only the second time in my knitting life that he actually liked something I could knit for him. I had to act quickly before he changed his mind. I began knitting before we left for our summer vacation. I was knitting at the beach of Denia, Spain. That was a gorgeous place we stayed. I can visit the place again and again. My SIL also picked up her forgotten needles and the two of us were knitting. I hope she continues to knit.

He is wearing the second vest actually. What happened is that he wanted it not too loose and baggy and I did not use my best judgment. The first one I was knitting at the beach turned out too small for him and became mine. Again, I had to knit two to make the intended garment. I used Sublime Soya Cotton DK. It is much softer than 100% cotton yarns and I love it.

Vicki, el chaleco que llevo puesto es el que estaba haciendo en Denia, para mi querido esposo. Sin embargo, se quedo corto y he tenido que hacer otro para el, asi que el primero me lo quedo yo.