Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fluffy Gelsey

I started Gelsey while I was knitting Harris.  It requires now discontinued Rowan Kidsilk Aura in two slightly different shades: Bark (darker brown beige with hint of green) and Antique Bronz (light gold/beige).  Its stitch patterns are basically two row stripes with slipped and crossed stitches.  When knitting two rows with the darker color, one stitch in lighter color was slipped every four stitches.  When knitting rows with the lighter color, the slipped stitches were crossed with two adjacent darker stitches.  By switching the direction of the crossing, right or left, the zigzag pattern emerges.  Not complicated at all.  Yet, its result is very sophisticated looking and its fabric is so plush, like a fur.


The design is by Marie Wallin and from Kidsilk Aura booklet.  I was in love with Gelsey as soon as I saw it back in 2007, yet it took me so long to knit one. 

Next up will be another Marie Wallin design, Bronwen, from Rowan Tweed Collection.   I already started with it.  I changed colors so that my Bronwen can be worn with navy trousers and skirts.

The wrong side:
 The right side: