Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fabrics from NYC

While we were in NYC in April, I had a chance to visit famed Metro Textiles. While I was there, I finally met Ann of Gorgeous Things in person. She is an energetic lady with full of sewing ideas. It was really great to meet a fellow sewist.

Here are most of what I purchased at Mr. Kashi's store. Some of them are for my DDs but most of them are for myself.

The first project will be a wrap dress with the paisley print cotton eyelet. I bought some light weight cotton in fuchsia for lining the eyelet. The green light weight wool will be a jacket or a spring coat. The 'balloon' print is a silk and will be used as a lining for the wool.

I am plowing through my pile of sewing and pattern books to decide which one to make. I love this part of the project!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Another handbag from Japanese knitting book

I finished this handbag sometime ago. It is from fall/winter 2006 issue of "European Hand Knits" by Nihon Vogue.

The original is done with wool yarn and has leather handles. Mine has acrylic handles and Berroco Suede in Chickadee Pink was used. It is crochet entirely. Photos below show stitch patterns better. The horizontal ridges are created by "raised double crochet on front side". I referred to "Basic Crochet & Knit" by Ondori to find out the name of this stitch. In Japanese, it is called 'Omote Hikiage Ami.' You would crochet facing the wrong side which you can see in the bottom photo. The slanted ridges are created by knitting crochet chains.