Friday, May 11, 2007

Another handbag from Japanese knitting book

I finished this handbag sometime ago. It is from fall/winter 2006 issue of "European Hand Knits" by Nihon Vogue.

The original is done with wool yarn and has leather handles. Mine has acrylic handles and Berroco Suede in Chickadee Pink was used. It is crochet entirely. Photos below show stitch patterns better. The horizontal ridges are created by "raised double crochet on front side". I referred to "Basic Crochet & Knit" by Ondori to find out the name of this stitch. In Japanese, it is called 'Omote Hikiage Ami.' You would crochet facing the wrong side which you can see in the bottom photo. The slanted ridges are created by knitting crochet chains.


  1. It's beautiful, May! I bought my first Japanese (pattern) book a little while ago (Pattern Magic) and I'm overwhelmed with its beauty.

  2. taccami9:06 AM

    Nice to meet you, May. I'm taccami belong to amimono group and watched your blog today. The bag looks so nice! I'd like to crochet but I don't have the book. That series is really nice work, isn't it? thank you.

  3. Tany and Taccami-san, thanks! Crochet is not something I do regularly but I found this bag irresistible. Stitch patterns are interesting and I highly recommend it.

    Tany, I have ‘Pattern Magic’ as well. Katrin of Sew-Mad also has it. In her case, she tried out some drafting already it seems. I am hoping to do something out of the book this summer, just for fun.

    Taccami-san, nice to meet you, too! I visited your blog and found many crochet designs you worked. They are very nice. Crochet is not as popular in the US as in Japan. I am just finding out that Nihon Vogue has many publications with nice crochet designs, such as Keito Dama. I will be looking forward to more crochet work from you!

  4. taccami11:07 PM

    Wow, May-sama, thanks to coming my poor blog! Yes, I love crochet and worked so many designs. I'd like to work more and more, and look for nice design.
    I always check the, but there aren't many books about crocheting. Guess what! I'm so sorry to hear that, crochet is not popular in the U.S. How come!