Saturday, February 20, 2010

Colourscape Folk Collection

After knitting the last pullover with Rowan Colourscape, I discovered "Colourscape Folk Collection." It has at least three garments I'd love to knit: Bobbie, Drew, and Polly. Drew was just what I was looking for, although I like it to be a bit longer. I love its subtler variation of colorway Misty: not as spectacular as the VK pullover and actually quite tame, yet, eye-catching. Likewise, brown/reds/rust in Autumn colorway is nice. I've been thinking that I need to knit what I can wear to my office. You see, my boss does not approve jeans at any time and I suspect he likes us to wear business suit type clothes. I thought Drew is just the right mix of playfulness and seriousness.

Another issue for my work clothes is that it cannot be too warm. My office tends to heat up too warm and long sleeve cardigans and pullovers I've knitted are not quite useful in the office. Something like Drew or Bobbie, a cap-sleeved cardigan, are just right.

Now, Polly. I am attracted to this pullover for both colors and the design although it may not be office appropriate. I love those deep colors of Ghost colorway.

To start with I knitted Drew with some changes.

I made it wider at the bottom edge and longer with more side shaping. Instead of just stretching the garter edging, short rows were added where front neck shaping starts and at back shoulders. Instead of making two button holes, only one was made to accommodate a beautiful metal button I found. After a few wearing, I thought I could have added more side shaping, but that will be for another time, if at all.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

VK Colourscape Pullover by KF

As soon as I opened the new VK magazine, I noticed a pullover by KF. I love stripes to begin with. KF's dolman sleeve pullover has a diagonal twist to it. And, the colors! I began obsessing over the design. The only thing prevented me from jump right into the project was the dimension of the garment: bodice was too short and sleeves were too long for me. As always, I started tinkering with the design dimensions.
Based on a Rowan pullover with huge kimono sleeves I knitted a few years ago, I decided on the dimensions and did some calculation to determine stitch and row counts. I must say I was lucky this time and my numbers all worked out.