Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fabrics from NYC

While we were in NYC in April, I had a chance to visit famed Metro Textiles. While I was there, I finally met Ann of Gorgeous Things in person. She is an energetic lady with full of sewing ideas. It was really great to meet a fellow sewist.

Here are most of what I purchased at Mr. Kashi's store. Some of them are for my DDs but most of them are for myself.

The first project will be a wrap dress with the paisley print cotton eyelet. I bought some light weight cotton in fuchsia for lining the eyelet. The green light weight wool will be a jacket or a spring coat. The 'balloon' print is a silk and will be used as a lining for the wool.

I am plowing through my pile of sewing and pattern books to decide which one to make. I love this part of the project!


  1. May, those fabrics are beautiful!
    I love the eyelet one on the upper left - it looks like this would make a lovely summer skirt :)
    You've bought some wonderful treasures.... and I'm green with envy! ;)

  2. Love your fabrics. Lucky you to visit Metro Textiles!