Friday, June 15, 2007

Slow going

Not much crafting is going on in my studio lately. At least all the panels for Margaret Tudor are finished. Some hand stitching of panels and finishing are waiting for me.

ここのところ、殆ど編んだり縫ったりする暇が無く、少しクサレ気味。とは言っても、Margaret Tudorの 16のパネルは、何とか完成させました。 後は、パネルを縫い合わせ、袖のカフスを編んで、ビーズを縫い付けるだけ。

Next in line for knitting would be this twin set. Recently I found this blog by Abi who is also thinking of knitting the tank top of the set. She has some interesting information on Bergere de France CDs. I wonder if their Canadian rep is carrying the CDs. Any idea, anyone?

Margaret Tudorの次は、 このツインセット。  最近、 AbiさんのBlogを見つけました。  彼女も同じツインセットを編む予定のようです。

For sewing projects, I am thinking of a wrap dress for this beautiful printed eyelet fabric. There are several options out there for woven fabrics. At the moment, I am inclined to this one from February issue of Burda World of Fashion. Here is the line drawing of the design.

洋裁のほうでは、 この布地で、 前うちあわせのドレスを作りたいのですが、どのデザインにするかで、ずいぶん悩んでしまいました。 結局、Burda World of Fashionの   このデザイン にしようと検討中です。 この写真では、細かいデザインがはっきりしません。  このリンクのほうが 分かります。 


  1. I really love that twin set (I saw it at Abi's blog earlier)! BTW, do you have any idea why comments aren't enabled at Abi's blog? I don't have her email or I would ask her myself... I'm afraid maybe she is not aware of the fact...

  2. Tany, I wondered about that, too. I hope Abi will realize soon.