Thursday, June 21, 2007

New project

I began to knit another tank top from BdF no. 123 issue. Despite the slowness, translating French knitting pattern is going relatively well. Abi has posted useful sites for translating French patterns. Margaret Tudor is on hold for now. I need to hand-sew panels together using sewing thread. It should not take too long, yet, I am procrastinating.

また BdF no. 123からの タンクトップを編み始めました。フランス語を訳すのには時間がかかりますが、ボチボチとやってます。AbiさんのWebページ に、英語翻訳に役立つ情報があります。Margaret Tudorのほうは 未だ放置したまま。

PS. Here is something for Bergere de France fans.

PS. Bergere de France フアンの方は こちらへもどうぞ。 


  1. you're talking to the queen of procrastination... i've about 1000 projects queueing *sigh*
    the french knitting pattern looks very nice - love the lacey look!
    is there a language you don't speak? ;)

  2. May, that is some progress.The colour is yummy.I am interested in the yarn you are using. Cant wait to see the finished top

  3. Katrin, 1000 projects sound awesome! You will never get bored, through. I wish I speak French, but I don’t, you know.
    Abi, I am using a yarn from, called ‘silk city bounce cones,’
    It is a fingering weight, cotton/nylon blend. It’s been in my stash for a few years. For the cardigan, I have a darker tone with the same yarn. It is not the most pleasant yarn to work with. But, I like the color and its texture.