Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sanquhar Gloves by SWRI Dumfries Museum

This is what I am knitting.  Its geometric pattern is so pretty.  

My pattern came from Scottish Women's Rural Institute some years ago.  They have four variations available: Midge & Fly, Duke (the one I am going to knit), Shepherds Plaids, and Prince of Wales.  The pattern can be purchased at SWRI (here).  If you are interested in more information you could read on at Dumfries Museum.

After swatching and getting used to 1.5 mm needles, I began casting on for the left glove.   It was not a smooth sailing.   After the fourth trial in knitting the actual glove, I finally got the satisfactory result!  As they say, practice makes it perfect.  

Here is what I did which is a bit different form the last post and I used stockinet stitches only on lighter color.  I cast on 81 stitches in 1-by-1 ribbed cable cast-on method.  The first stitch was purled in the rib pattern.  Do not join.  Knit the next solid color row flat in the rib pattern until one stitch remain.  Join by purling the last and the first stitch together.   The ends of the first row will be sewn together later.

  • R1: Knit in the rib pattern in dark color. 
  • R2: Start Fair Isle.  Rib in dark color while stockinet in lighter color. 
  • R3-5: As in R2. 
  • R6: Knit all the stitches in stockinet this round onward.

The cast-on edge is slightly curled, but it does not have the thickness observed on the second swatch.  So, I am happy with it.  

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