Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yuri Kaneko's Retro Coat

My red retro coat was from this book:

And Ms. Kaneko's original version is:

Can you see the insets on the front?  That's the one I could not fit on my red silk noil version.  Since I love this coat so much, I am going to make another one, in red again, with the same lining.  I already have a beautiful red wool fabric, enough length.  I think I would like pockets along the inset seams. 

I love this book.  Ms. Kaneko's garments in this book have just the right amount of retro feel.  I hope to sew the black retro jacket and the white jacket below.

I am attracted to the collar of the black jacket.

I think I have the right fabric for this one.

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