Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anna Sui dress for my daughter

My DD2 is graduating from her middle school and I made her a dress with Anna Sui Vogue pattern 1153.

The fabric is crinkled silk chiffon from Sawyer Brook Fabrics, purchased a few years ago.  It turned out quite nice and both DD2 and I are happy with it.  The original have you finish skirt hem and neck ruffle with a serger, but I chose not to do so since the fabric had tiny pleat-like texture.  I thought the serged edges would be too stiff relative to the soft silk fabric.  Instead, I hand-rolled the skirt hems and added a continuous self-facing to the ruffles at the front neck line.  They worked very well.  She did not like the idea of gathered decorative trims affixed long the seam line between the upper and lower skirts.  Because of this omission of the trim and the fact I purchased some extra yardage, we could add an extra layer on the lower skirt with the upper layer 1/2 inch shorter than the one underneath.  I also added a skirt lining which was made by extending the upper skirt by 7" at the lower edge. 

The photo on the left shows the continuous self-facing added to the front neck line.  Although it did not have enough length along the edge of the self-facing, the section was to be gathered and I just winged it to fit.


  1. You have skills. Beautiful dress and job well done