Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sewing Workshop Tribeca Jacket

This is a sewing pattern from The Sewing Workshop. They are one of my favorite independent pattern companies. I followed their additional instructions found in their gallery page and made the shirt into a jacket: fully self-faced front bodice and partially self-faced back.

Instructions were good and easy to follow. I made some changes and did not follow them exactly, however. The body was shortened by 2 3/8" for the front. The original pattern has standard 5/8" seam allowance and the hem allowance is also 5/8" everywhere. This was great for the doubled front bodice. For the back, I wanted add more substantial hem, and it was shortened by 1" only to create 2" hem, original 5/8" seam allowance plus 1 3/8". Sleeve hems were also widened to 2". The side back seams were encased by the doubled front bodice, eliminating raw edges along sides completely. The photo below shows the side seams in the center.

The blue one was intended to match St. Charles-Noro outfit. I think the beige one is the better choice, don't you?

I just love the way the button is framed. Little detail but makes a big difference. I used cross grain to make them show more.

If you are interested in more photos of the outfit, please visit


  1. You are a stunning artist !!

    I love your outfit :)

  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    May eres fantastica. Como te cunde el tiempo. Todos tus trabajos son de profesional. Enhorabuena tambien por el blog. Ana

  3. Muchas gracias, Ana, por tus amables palabras. Aunque, no soy una profesional como tu mama. :)

  4. this looks SO beautiful!
    i envy you for being able to wear those bold colors with so much style and so natural...

    indeed i'm sewing on a jacket from an back-issue, a wip for *months* now! i'll post it in the blog as soon as it's finished.

    btw: the fabric for my skirt comes from ikea... it's a curtain fabric, but it feels like lightweight linen and with its cotton/silk blend i thought it is suitable for a skirt.
    don't tell anyone! *gg*

  5. Lovely outfit May, very well done!