Friday, January 05, 2007

Stacy Charles - Noro Outfit

This outfit began with a skirt. Its pattern is based on #18 ZigZag Skirt from St. Charles Collezione Summer '05. Textured yarns and solid colored yarns are cleverly combined to create vertical zigzag patterns which attracted me very much.

Then, one day, I came across K1C2 Tartalette #641 at my LYS. Its blue and orange combination caught my eyes. That was it. Next, I picked up Noro Daria #12 and St. Charles Rialto #29 for textured yarns and various cotton/silk/wool blends in orange, blue, mustard yellow and chocolate brown, all solid colors but not necessarily in the same gauge range. The only concern was Noro Daria. Would a stiff cable work with other yarns? I felt so strongly about the colors being right, it was decided that I have to make it all work together.

The original garment photos are shown on the left. The skirt has a yoke with a cord threaded at the top to keep the skirt in place, and is matched with a collared tank. Several changes were made to the original pattern. I added an elastic casing to the top of the yoke and decided not to wear the skirt on the hip. The matching tank did not suit my taste and was replaced by a tank top from Katia knitting magazine from a few years ago. Casting on and off with solid colored cotton blend yarn, Noro Daria tank worked out fine. I completely ignored the recommended gauge on Noro Daria, however.

Here are the covers of the magazines used. I needed two balls each of Tartalette and Rialto, three balls of Noro Daria, and one ball each in four solid colors for the skirt. For the tank, 7 skeins of Noro Daria were needed.

I am still working on the outfit. I am planning to sew a light jacket with silk sateen in smokey blue. At the moment, I am planning to use The Sewing Workshop's Tribeca Shirt pattern.

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