Saturday, March 10, 2007

Flower Shawl by Shida Hitomi

I discovered Ms. Hitomi Shida's knit work only recently, last summer to be exact. Her knit designs are very intricate and gorgeous. The above issue is the most recent one. She also published a collection of her designs from past issues of Couture Knit (Let's Knit Series).

There is a gorgeous flower shawl in the recent issue. You can take a look by clicking the second button on the right panel here.

A friend of mine is interested in this design and I am attempting a translation of the text below. For the stitch pattern, you will need the book.

The yarn used is Dia Keito Dia Couture Silk Lame. Scroll down to page 15 to see the colors and the yarn specs. The required amount is 340g or 9 balls. The knitting needles used is Japanese size 6, which is about 4 mm. Also required is a crochet hook size 5/0, or 3 mm. The gauge is 31 rows in patterned stitches per 10 cm.

Cast on 7 stitches and follow the charts. The forth cast on stitch is at the center and indicated by a darker shade in the charts. Purl all the stitches on wrong side. Rows 27 through 50 are repeated five times: for rows 51 through 74, repeat the stitches indicated by the blank start twice, for rows 75 through 98, repeat three times, for rows 99 through 122, repeat four times, and for rows 123 through 146, repeat five times. For rows 147 through 170, repeat the stitches indicated by the black star 6 times, and for rows 171 through 190, repeat the marked stitches 7 times.

Here is the Flower Shawl from the book. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.


  1. I've become very interested in Japanese pattern. I'm bookmarking your wonderful blog. Thank you for the translation.

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I had made some headway on the flower shawl, but was stumped on the yardage! :)

  3. Thanks, I have alway crochet from japanese pattern books by just looking at chart and reading schematics. Now I am more confident with complicated knit patterns. I love hitomi designs but do not have courage to try them.