Saturday, February 07, 2015

Long Project

It is snowing again here.  It is time to write up some posts on past projects since last summer.

I was too busy at work towards the end of 2014 to do much knitting.  All I could do was trying to finish Silke No. 2 that I started in August while we were in Japan.  It took many months to complete.  This is the second version of the garment.  The first one was finished almost two years ago. Since it turned out to be too small for me, I gave it to my DD2.  I could not just give it to her and forget the project, however.  I love the fabric knitted with Tsumugi Silk and the design is very attractive.  Determined to knit a second one for me, I took measurements of the garment, compared with the finished dimensions, and decided that I was better off knitting size XL given my gauge.

So, here it is.  The second one was a bit too large initially, but washing in warm water took care of it and I can say it fits me very well.  It is a cardigan for spring or fall.

At least, I feel satisfied with the result and I can put the pattern to rest.  I must say, Tsumugi Silk produces such a beautiful fabric.  A spring pullover would be nice with it.

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