Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Short Summer Jacket

My knitting and sewing activities are often driven by either yarns or patterns, but not by needs.  So, more often than not, my creations sit in my closet for a long time.  Is it bad?  As long as I enjoy the process of making garments, it is okay, right?  I picked Madonna pullover because I was intrigued by the yarns.  Nidden was motivated by its gorgeous lace pattern and the drapey yarns I had, plus a wish to have a comfortable summer cover-up garment.

 Usually, I go through a few stressful days when I do not have a next project in mind.  This time, however, I already had Dawn, already swatched and all.  I sort of wished to have a small cardigan, but I do not have a particular need for it.  As a matter of fact, I have no garments I would wear it with.  See my ill conceived creative efforts?  For sure, my finished Dawn will languish in my closet for who knows how long.   No matter.  I just go forward. 

 So, I purchased this cotton/silk blend worsted weight yarns long time ago in various colors enough to knit children’s garments.  Well, before I had time to get to the yarns, my DDs had grown and they do not like the colors any longer.  Their names are cute: Three Little Pigs, Red Little Riding Hood, etc.  This summer, I finally decided that DDs are not going to want anything out of these yarns.  They shall be mine.  Then it was rather easy to find appropriate patterns for the yellow Three Little Pigs: Dawn by Kim Hargreaves.  The reason why I had such hard time coming up with right patterns for my DDs was that I simply do not know their taste well enough and I was striking out all the time.  Well, I know myself better than them.

Dawn took me about two weeks to complete.  I found perfect buttons as well.  Here it is.

See how perfect those buttons are?  Also notice that the fabric is not as drapey as seen by other knitters on Ravelry?  This is because Fable is heavy worsted weight, I think.

Did I tell you I love Dawn?  It is fun to knit and goes fast.  As a matter of fact, I have already started another Dawn.  This time, I am using Rowan Denim.  I think I have enough to make another one knit a bit longer to counter the shrinkage of Denim yarns.  This version is turning out to be very lacey.  The same pattern used on different yarns could turn out quite differently. 

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