Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rowan 42 Iceland

The Shetland shawl for my mother was finished sometime ago, but still waiting to be blocked. I just need a few hours to myself in the bedroom to complete the task, but I have not gotten time to do that yet. Soon, I hope. In the mean time, I cast on for a pullover from Rowan 42, Iceland. It has very wide three-quarter length sleeves. It knit up very fast with bulky yarns and 7mm needles.

Halfway through the project, I almost ripped the whole thing. It did not look large enough to me. When measured flat, the top piece had the right dimension. Yet, it looked so small. There was no way it would stretch down to below waist, I thought. My DH suggested that I finish it as it was, and if it turns out to be too small, knit another one. Well, it was the right advice and I am so glad to have listened to him. The knitted fabric turned out to be so elastic that it did reach the length I wanted.

So, here I am very pleased with the finished garment. I used only 7 balls of the yarn.


  1. May, it looks FABULOUS!!! I really love this model! And the color! Wow!

    I'm almost finished with my Phildar jacket too; I need to block it and put it together, maybe run some blanket stitches on the buttonholes to make them secure.

  2. love.those.sleeves!

    it really is wonderful - i just can second tany...

  3. Ooooooo! I LOVE it! I can't knit something that complicated (not that I knit) but I can make it out of knit fabric. Great inspiration and it looks great on you. You should make one for yourself, too.

  4. This looks fabulous on you May.

  5. Just love it!! I can't believe how quick you are.

  6. annette5:29 PM

    Wonderful sweater! Very fashionable!

  7. This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous1:44 PM

    May... guauuuu... es todo precioso,lo decimos con amor desde Almeria... besitos de las hermanas "sister"

  9. Gracias a vosotras, hermanas sister!

    Espero que lo esteis pasando muy bien en Almeria.

    Hemos tenido nieve en Boston, y como hace mucho frio, las calles estan heladas. BRRRRRR!