Friday, November 16, 2007

New book by Shimada Toshiyuki

Yesterday, I received two knitting books by Mr. Shimada, one of which was recently published and contains 14 garments previously introduced in Keito Dama without patterns, plus 10 new designs. (Link to the new book)

Here is one of the garments I was hoping to get patterns for some day since 2004. I happened to have a right yarn for this project, too.

Also, the recent issue of Keito Dama has Shida Hitomi listed in the contents page three times! It's been ordered but I won't receive it until December. Boo Hoo! (See the contents in Japanese)

Added: In case you want to order the book from YesAsia, here is the link!

Link to Errata: I just learned that there are errors in Mr. Shimada's new book, and they are corrected here. BTW, the book is indicated to have sold out on Nihon Vogue web page. Not to worry, though, as they are re-printing. Also, follow this link to find out if other publications by Nihon Vogue have errors.


  1. this one seems just right for you - a beautiful jacket, indeed! ^-^

  2. Oh nice! I've been waiting for the bookstore I buy from to get this new book in. It's quite nice!

  3. /anne...1:45 AM

    Do you know the ISBN, so I can order it from YesAsia?

    I love that cardigan!

  4. Anne, I will add the link to YesAsia on the post. :)