Monday, October 29, 2007

Shawl, Twin Set, and Something New

The main panel of the shawl is done and I am working on the edging. One of my knitting friends at the Knitsmith Claire gave me the red crochet ball bag shown above. It is just the perfect thing for my lace yarn. Thanks Claire!

I could not resist pinning the lace fabric on my ironing board.

I've finished DD2's tank top to match with her cardigan sometime ago. Here is how they are put together.

The tank top is based on a Katia pattern from last summer, slightly modified.

Here is the beginning of my new project. I bought this gorgeous yarn, Schachenmayr Diva in grey, from my LYS on sale sometime ago. It is a blend of wool and polyamide and I have 7 balls.

I have been swatching this ribbon yarn quite some time, started with simple stockinet stitches which I thought was boring, and moved onto various lace stitches, most of which were way too elaborate. In the end, I settled for garter stitches. But, I need some fun stitches, like yarn over, ssk or k2tog. So, what you see in the top section of the swatch is what I will be using. It was adopted from my old project and I changed it slightly. We shall see how it turns out.


  1. hi May -

    your shawl is just beautiful, a real work of art! this is the Hazel Carter shawl? the twin sets and the girls are adorable!

  2. Your lace shawl is going to look very elegant! It's a beautiful pattern.

  3. Fabulous job, May! I love how the your shawl is turning out and your daughter looks great in her matching top!!

  4. The knitting is perfection as always, May, but your daughter is truly the star of this post. What a lovely girl.