Friday, June 13, 2014

Gold Jacket for Prom

For her prom, my daughter chose a pair of wide-legged and loose pants in sheer material which comes with built-in shorts, a tank top, and a heavy gold chain necklace.  The necklace has been in the dress-up costume drawer since my daughters were in kindergarten.  I thought she may need a cover-up of sort in case the weather turn cooler.  So, we went to our local Jo Ann to look for fabrics.  She chose a gold laminated cotton blend, the loudest gold fabric we could find at the store.  Her choice of pattern was Butterick 6029.  

We made several changes: Increased the collar height by 1 cm, Used the top layer of the jacket only, and re-shaped the front decorative piece.  The fabric was difficult to deal with since stitches could not be removed without damaging the fabric and the ironing had to be done very carefully.  Still, we are both happy with the result.  To be honest, I was not so sure about her pattern selection initially.  Being Mom, I decided to go along with the daughter's wish and intuition.  I am glad it all worked out nicely.  She's got an eye for style and fabric.  

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