Friday, May 03, 2013

One Ring Scarf

My DD1 is a big fan of LOTR and found the One Ring Scarf Pattern on Ravelry.  It was last year, probably in October.  Neither she nor I had done double knitting and she wanted me to knit along with her.  What can a mother do?  I agreed.  It took us some weeks to decide on the right yarns and we ended up choosing Drops Alpaca which is a very soft 100% alpaca yarn in sport weight.  In case someone wants to use the same yarn, we used up about 2 and a half balls each in two colors.  I chose red/black mix and black, and DD1 chose dark grey and dark turquoise.  Since I knit relatively loosely while she knit rather tightly we used different needles: mine was 2.5 mm and DD1's was 3 mm.

We cast on with the invisible cast on method, although we should have used provisional cast on method since we ended up grafting the end rows to the cast on rows in order to form a ring.  For the edging, we used the slipped stitch method by Melissa shown in YouTube video titled “No Twist, Slip Stitch Edging for Double Knitting.”  We both love the edging produced by this method.  It made a huge difference. 

The links to youtube tutorials we used:
 Our finished scarves. 

 DD1 grafting the last row to the cast on edge. 
 DD1 finished hers two months ago, while mine was finished at the end of April.  Still, I am really happy with the result.

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