Saturday, April 04, 2009

Puppy Yarn’s Braid Scarf

I saw this cute scarf made by a Japanese knitter, Ishi-san, who does such great jobs at anything she creates. I learned the pattern is from Puppy, a Japanese yarn company, and was made available free in 2003 to customers purchased their yarns. In other words, I don’t have the pattern.

Here is what I thought it might be done. It is okay, but something is not quite right. I used 5 mm crochet hook and Crystal Palace yarn Taos.

Later on, Yuri-san, a knitting friend in Japan, offered to send me yarns and the pattern. So, we exchanged knitting goods across the Pacific. She loves Norah Gaughan’s designs but Berroco booklets are not available in Japan and that’s what I sent to her. I now have the yarn and the pattern to crochet the braid scarf!

With the pattern and the same yarn used by Ishi-san, I tried the other day at Knitsmith. Initially, I was not quite happy with the results, but after playing with the location and the method of anchoring the chains at the bottom of the last double crochet, I think I got it. Now, all I have to do is to finish the project before next winter.


  1. I emailed also, but not sure if email is correct. Can I get this pattern from you? I have been searching the net for it! Thanks! Kathleen


  2. faffasue,

    I am really sorry to tell you this but the pattern is to be received at a yarn store where Puppy yarns are sold. You need to purchase their yarns to get it. I've asked Puppy to make it available to others on their free pattern web page, but they have not responded to any of my numerous requests.

    You are welcome to send them e-mail to request the pattern. Their addresses are:,

    Good luck!

  3. After communicating with Puppy they sent me the pattern to the braid scarf. Unfortunately it is in Japanese! Would you be willing to translate for me?

    Thanks, Lisa

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Could you send your e-mail address to me? We can take it from there.


  5. May, I love this pattern. Can you send it to me as well? Thanks, Puppywuvskitty

  6. Puppywuvskitty, I do not e-mail my pattern to anyone as it is a paper copy. Please try to contact Puppy yarn company as indicated above.


  7. I wrote them and actually got a response.

    A weird one, but a response nontheless!

    > Dear Ms.A H
    > Thank you for your mail.
    > Do it regarding the blade which asked it, but you can buy yarn with pattern
    > mid of March on our online store.
    > Would you please wait a moment and please check here.
    > Best Regards
    > PUPPY

    Who knows, I may get this pattern yet!

  8. Thanks Jitterie for the information. Looks like they used an automated translator.

    Incidentally, I learned that there is a book published by Bunka Shuppan Kyoku, a Japanese publisher, containing the pattern for the scarf. Its ISBN number is 978-4-579-11264-7


    I have not seen it in person and cannot tell you from the link for sure, however.

    Good luck hunting down the pattern!