Sunday, December 07, 2008

Iced Tea

Not sure what I was thinking to commit to knitting multiple stockinet stitch projects this year, but that’s what happened. Thanks to boring and mindless stockinet stitch, however, I was able to knit and watch TV for many nights leading up to the election. Not only that, I was very productive. I finished six iced tea pullovers by the time Obama became the 44th President. The first one was knitted with GGH Scarlett, 100% cotton. Next four were knitted with Sublime Soya Cotton DK and the last one with Berroco Bonsai. The version with GGH Scarlett ended up with a twisted bodice. Side seams would not fall straight from the armholes, and run slightly towards left, about 2 inches. Not too bad, but still bothersome. While knitting, I did not notice much of kinks or excess twist, but clearly, the yarn was not well balanced. I had no problems with Soya Cotton and Bonsai.

Here are the first 5 iced tea pullovers. The top left is knit with GGH Scarlett, and the rests are with Sublime yarns.

The one below is with Bonsai yarn.

The bonsai version was modified a little to make the front dip a bit deeper.

I've never knitted one pattern this many times!

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  1. May, eres fantástica! No conozco nadie tan trabajadora como tú.Estoy encantada de aparecer en tu blog pero creo que iré a la peluqueria y te enviaré una foto nueva. Besos,
    Tía Ana