Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something New

To me, that is. Through a Japanese blogger, I learned of an exhibit by Britt-Marie Christoffersson held in Tokyo. Here are some more photos posted by another blogger. Looks so much fun to knit those fabrics. I am very envious of those who took classes.

ps. From the second link above, I learned that the instruction material used in the class is available. It is rather expensive, though.


  1. omg!
    those fabrics look gorgeous indeed... i love the jacket with the "holes" in it... wonderful!

    may, if you *ever* find a book or something likewise, let me know... it's adorable, and i am in love with it! :)

  2. I love this site! Thanks May for finding this. I'm enjoying it very much and getting "ideas" even tho I don't knit.

  3. Gorgeous textures! Looks like a great exhibit. I loved looking at that installation. The blogger's green coat and hat are amazing - so trendy and funky. Any idea what the sock pattern was? It looks like she blogged about it.

  4. Carol, they are Estonian Spiral Socks from a japanese knitting book. (link: )