Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Margaret Tudor

I have been knitting this pullover for many months, on and off, for some years. There are 16 panels to this garment and I was up to 8 done yesterday. Today, I have two less. I found out that I got mixed up with k2tog and ssk. I knew something was not quite right, but I never took time to look more carefully ... until yesterday.

Surprisingly, even after unraveling two side panels, my interest level in this project is quite high. My mind is on buttons. I don't want to use buttons as specified. Instead, I am thinking of some beads, onyx or garnet beads.


  1. Lilybeth1:27 PM

    Hi, May. I have an off-topic question for you. On a blog-surfing expedition, I ran across the Knitsmiths website and several photos of a Bergere de France camisole--I believe you've made three of them. I'm absolutely smitten with that camisole!

    Could you possibly post some identifying information for it? Pattern name, number, book, where you purchased it, that sort of thing? I've googled every combination of Bergere de France, lace and camisole I can think of and found nothing.

    I don't know if I have the figure to pull of wearing such as lovely thing, but it certainly would be cool and comfortable in the hot summers where I live in Texas. Thanks for any information you can give me. I'll check back on your blog and these comments over the next few days.

    I think your Margaret Tudor is lovely and the idea for beads as buttons is a great one!

  2. Hi Lilybeth!

    I am planning to blog about those camisoles just as soon as I get some time to gather info and take photos (of the magazine and so on). Stay tuned. But, don't hold your breath, please. It will be in late February or March.

    Thanks for commenting on my post!!

  3. Lilybeth2:47 PM

    Thanks, May! I wouldn't want to make it until summer anyway, so I can certainly wait. I'll check back over the next few weeks.